In clinical trials using scientific methods of measurement, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have found Viagra consistently able to help them achieve harder erections. So, if you have not been getting the hardness you want, never give up. Adjusting the dosage will often improve results.

Some men report that Viagra does not work the first or second time. The reasons varied. For some, the physical problems were too severe for a lower dose to overcome. For others, the psychological problems required different treatment.

The pharmaceutical company supplies Viagra in three doses: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. In younger men with no obvious physical problems, the usual starting dose is the 50mg tablet. If this proves inadequate, the dose can be stepped up to 75mg or the daily maximum dose of 100mg.

To get an idea of how well Viagra is working for you, the tool below offers a guide to help you judge the firmness of your erections.
Self- evaluation tool employed in clinical studies for VIAGRA
Levels of erection hardness:

If you are not satisfied with the results of taking Viagra, consult your doctor again. Because Viagra is a prescription only drug, the guidance of your doctor is always desirable before changing the dosage.

How to get the best results using VIAGRA (Sildenafil citrate Tabs)

There are four simple steps to take when you plan taking Viagra for the first time to recover from ED. The aim is to focus on the important goal of recovering your satisfaction in sex.

1. Get into the right mood

Sex is not simple mechanics. Viagra will not give you an erection on demand. You have to feel sexually aroused. This means relaxing, getting into the right frame of mind and reducing anxieties to a minimum.

2. Do not rush the experience

The “Viagra effect” lasts for about four hours so you have plenty of time to build intimacy with your partner. Take the Viagra at least half an hour before you start — some find that an erection will come within fifteen minutes but this is an unnecessary risk the first time round.

3. Avoid eating a heavy meal

Viagra is absorbed quickly into the blood stream from an empty stomach. If you eat a large meal full of fat just before you attempt sex, this can significantly slow the rate at which the drug is absorbed. The larger the meal, the longer you should wait before starting sexual activity.

4. If at first you don't succeed

In the vast majority of cases, Viagra will work the first time you take it. If it does fail, do not give up hope. Some men have to learn how to relax to reduce the performance anxiety. You can take Viagra once a day for as long as you want. But if you continue to fail, talk to your doctor again. Changing the dose may give you the results you seek.
In one clinical study including 228 men with ED, almost all succeeded with Viagra at 100mg taken two or more hours after eating.

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